CE-Kennzeichung MusterBeing a manufacturer or user respectively, you must carry out a CE-audit of the machinery you have constructed, assembled or arranged according to EU directives.

Does your protocol conform to industrial standards and legal requirements?

As service providers in the area of Technical Documentation, we help you ensure legal certainty. We audit your CE-documentation based on a checklist that assesses whether all relevant standards, directives and further technical regulations are met.

Our audit criteria include:

  • Complete documentation, pursuant on the requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • Correct presentation of safety concepts
  • Conformity to the standard of the CE-Declaration
  • Conformity to the standards for the operating manual
  • Complete and accurate implementation of the safety advice drawn from the risk assessment to be put into the operating manual
  • Cataloging of the safety-related parts of the safety control system within the operating manual

We present the results of our analysis in the form of an expert opinion. As well as our assessment of your documentation’s status quo, we also advise you on how to optimize potential and provide you with possibilities for improving your material.

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