Documentation Check

Doku-CheckYou produce Technical Documentation? Is it legally watertight? Is it standard compliant?

Often, when approaching the question of technical documentation, the requirements are underestimated. The term “necessary evil” is closely linked with the theme of technical documentation in the 21st century.

Do you know of instances where incorrect depictions of residual risk have rendered user information illegal within the terms of the CE-signet.

As service providers in the area of Technical Documentation, we help you to be certain of your documentation’s standing in terms of the law. We audit your documentation, based on a checklist that assesses whether all relevant standards, directives and further technical regulations are met. Amongst other things, our testing criteria include:

  • Classification of the product according to EU directives
  • Compliance to industry standards
  • Content, layout, structure, linguistics and grammar, graphics
  • The completion and implementation of the safety guidelines

In summary, we provide you with the results of our screening in form of an expertise. As well as our assessment of your documentation’s status quo, we also advise you on how to optimize potential and provide you with possibilities for improving your material.

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