Documentation Solutions

This theme relates to the way in which one constructs documentation. It is natural to work with a discreet documentation tool such as MS Word (the most common documentation tool) in the area of machinery and plant construction. With such a tool, a new and individual document is essentially produced for each new product.

The trouble is that a manufacturer of machinery and plant components will quickly come to the point where they will need or wish to introduce some elements of automation to the documentation process. We have taken this situation into account and created, in MODUDOK (R), a documentation creation solution which allows you to select certain modular, processed text and graphics from a collection.

If you wish to have further automation, you will ultimately need an Editorial System / a Content Management System.

Other methods for communicating content to specific target groups can be found in the Multimedia section. Complex content is sometimes most effectively communicated with visuals and audio. Costs for translation (and possible recurrent errors) is thereby reduced.

Documentation for training purposes is conceivable using animation, real film sequences and audio. If, however, you are looking for more more generalized, less targeted, appeal for users, we also offer you screencast.

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