Establishing a clear vision

Do you recognize this scene ?

We have produced the user documentation for our machinery. We just aren’t sure if they completely meet the legal and normative requirements?

Or similarly?

We have received the relevant documentation from the manufacturer of our machine – but are they alright? Do we need anything else?

In both instances, the questions relate to the status quo. Both the machinery’s manufacturer and user are equally responsible for its meeting of statutory and normative requirements. The trouble is that, sometimes, you may not have the experience or knowledge to ask the right sort of questions of the documentation in terms of whether it meets the legal requirements for safety and environmental protection.

To help you create a basis for informed decision making, we offer the manufacturers and users of machinery and other equipment 2 checks or audits.

The Document-Check, which, upon its completion, provides the answer to questions related to the validity of user information documents.

The CE-Check, which examines the documentation in terms of verifying that its safety and environmental protection elements meet the legal and industry standards.

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