HEBMAD – Manufacturing and Operation of Machines in Germany

Many participants of the market have a hard time understanding relationships between manufacturer and operator of products based on the context of European and National Lawgiving, Market Surveillance and Occupation Cooperative, Standard and Basics Rules.

It is difficult, especially for the branch Machinery and Plant engineering, to untangle the meshwork and use it legally proper for the respective development / the respective operation.

We have done this type of home work and put the relationships into graphical perspective. We are very happy to provide further information based on a consulting project. We coin the principle to your development process or execute tasks of the portfolio for you.

Further information on the necessities of the development process of manufacturers mal be obtained in our chapter VEKOMA.

The necessary duties of the operator are being outlined in the docouments Gefährdungsanalyse nach BetrSichVDokumentation für Betreiber and Unterweisung.

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