We take privacy of your data serious. Therefor we consider the protection of your privacy one of our top priority tasks and adhere to the legal regulations when raising, storing and working with the information you give us. Legal regulations are, for instance, EU decision 2016/678, German Privacy Law (BDSG) and German Remote Media Law (TMG).

The subsequent declaration shall provide overview on how we provide privacy and which information is raised for what purpose. This declaration is valid only for this web site. It does not apply for web sites being linked to from this web site. Since legal regulations undergo changes over time we shall also change this statement at any time.

Responsible party

Responsible in the sense of the law is Götz & Weise GmbH, Rathsbergstraße 17, D-90411 Nürnberg.

Reason for raising, storing, working with and use of information

If you visit our web site without  sending a request for translation or applying for a job you can do that without exposing your identity to us. As with any web site our server raises and stores automatically and for limited periods of time the following information in log files. This information is being transmitted automatically by your browser unless you expressly prevented your browser from relaying the information:

  • Type of browser and version of browser
  • Operating System of your computer
  • What file you are requesting
  • The http answer code
  • the page you visited bevor retrieving the next (Referrer-URL)
  • your IP-adress
  • the time stamp you your request

In case you send us a request for translation or wish to apply for a job, we shall use the information transmitted solely for the purpose intended (i.e. answering your request, working the your application with us). Your information is being handled solely by our employees in charge for that and sill be deleted after the job is done or upon your request unless legal regulations require to store the information. We do not use your information for other purposes than agreed upon nor do we relay you information to third parties.

If you wish to apply for a job we offer, you hope to gain a contract. Alternatively you are applying with a general intention to gain our assistance finding you a job.

If you want us to work on your aspirations you must give us information regarding yourself. We must be able to raise, store and work with the information you provide.

We do need your consent to do just that.

Your information is being used expressly for the purpose intended.

You may revoke your consent to work with your data at any time sending us a message as well as check on the number of consent you gave us.

In case you revoke we shall delete your information immediately.

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