Requirements Engineering

GW Icon ReqEngEvery development begins in chaos. A multitude of circumstances and pre-conditions exist which can impose potential limitations on the project. Some such limitations can be adjusted to the benefit of the development. Others are set in stone.

Requirements Engineering is mainly known from the sphere of software development. It pertains to the gathering, formulation and documentation requirements within a development process and, based on this knowledge, the steps that need to be taken for the development to come to fruition.

Key words include: Identification, Assignment, Implementation and Verification

Although moored in software development, methods and procedures can be easily adapted to other systems (machinery, plants, cars, automation and many more).

All this means that: The one who conducts sound Requirements Engineering will create firm foundation stones for a well-engineered system.

We support our clients in the area of Requirements Engineering for software development and, through this process, ultimately help them meet the management requirements for machinery development. To this end, we are regularly “embedded” in our clients’ development team.

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