We think it is important to:

  • always act based on the best of knowledge and one’s conscience
  • in the process, to constantly engage with the newest industry-developments
  • work and live based on appropriate rules and norms

We view ourselves as a service provider with a high level of social responsibility. We firmly reject the modern “hire and fire” mentality. In contrast, we place great worth on providing our staff responsible, conscious and “healthy” professional development with long term opportunities.

We particularly value the growth in the international element of our staffing, from fresh graduates through to older, experienced specialists.

As fathers with professionally engaged wives, the owners know from personal experience, the importance of a compatible work and family life. Only when one’s children are well provided for, does one have a free head for high level professional engagement.

Therefore, the company supports its staff in the search for appropriate childcare. To this end, we work in conjunction with a leading regional childcare institution, Kinderhaus Nürnberg gGmbH.

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