Risk assessment according to EN ISO 12100

RisikobeurteilungIdentifying and minimizing risks are essential steps on the path to CE-Certification. Machinery Directive 2006/ 42/ EC requires the manufacturer to carry out a risk analysis for both a complete / incomplete (part of a machine) machines, so to prove that the development made is secure. Upon proving this the product may be brought to market within the EC on relaxed conditions.

When creating an EN ISO 12100 risk management plan, we are guided by ISO/TR 14121-2.
Through EN ISO 12100’s methodology, potential hazards are identified, reduced and documented.

Steps for minimizing risk include:

  • Inherently safe design
  • Technical safeguards
  • User Information

It is the duty of the manufacturer to produce a risk assessment document.

We would be pleased to support you in this task.


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