Safety-related functions of control systems (SRP/CS)

Sicherheitsrelevante Funktionen von SteuerungenThe European Union Directive 2006/42/EC (aka “Machinery Directive”) demands a high level of safety for machinery and plants that are produced, operated or imported into the European Union. When this safety is dependent on the correct functioning of an electrical, electronic or programmable electronic function, one speaks of “functional safety”.

The “Machinery Directive” stipulates that the safety-relevant parts of a control system must be designed and evaluated against standard EN ISO 13849-1 or EN/IEC 62061. These are better known through their respective terms for assessing the degrees of risk: PL (Performance Level) or PLr (Performance Level required), as well as SIL (Safety Integrity Level). If either of the two standards are applied, it can be taken as read that the relevant and required safety standards have been fulfilled.

Through the application named SISTEMA, we can support you with the interpretation and documentation of the PLC’s safety-relevant functions. We would be pleased to support you with validation based on EN ISO 13849-2.

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