VEKOMA – A Method for Achieving Conformity in Mechanical Engineering

VEKOMA Poster 1As documentation experts, we are regularly asked by our engineering clients “how can we be sure our development complies with  the requirements necessary for a CE declaration”. We often note that the requirements  are not met the way the developer / distributor is supposed to based on applicable law. Directive 2006/ 42/ EG of the European Union (also known as the “Machinery Directive”) is the applicable law all documentation must be based on.

To cast some light on the darkness and eliminate the guesswork, we have designed a process template in the form of a DIN A1-sized poster, which we are happy to send to our clients. The poster is entitled:

“VEKOMA – A Method for Achieving Conformity in Mechanical Engineering”.

As of now this poster is available in German only. An english version is under way.

This document illustrates, through color-coding, a path that should be walked using harmonized EU-wide standards. This poster is used to support our training on this theme. We offer the training in-house with the client or, as an alternative, externally, at our offices. Please check our calendar of events.

Clients who don’t need the training can still use the poster as a reference tool for their developers to refer to. To this end, we are happy to send the poster to you. In this case, it is folded like a standard technical drawing and is delivered to the receiver per post. Within Germany a nominal charge of 50€ covers the purchase, packaging and postage. In the case of other countries, postage will reflect the standard rate for posting from Germany to the country in question. Should you wish to purchase one or more of these posters, please contact us, using the following form:

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